🎥 Using shoot schedules

It’s always really important to know where you’re going and what you’re doing, and Light Blue makes that really easy.

You can add a schedule step by going to the Schedule tab, then clicking the + icon. In there, enter a date, address and description. 

If you’re wanting to add several in one go, just hit ‘Save and add another’, and the fields will be cleared. 

The display in the schedule list is in date and time order, so if you add another item before the ones you’ve entered it’ll appear in the right place. 

If you often have the same list of schedule items, you can create templates for them on the Preferences pane, so you can add them all in one go.

You can add those items all in one go to the schedule tab. You can then go through and change the times to match what’s happening for this particular shoot. 

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