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When you delete a record from one of the main sections in Light Blue 7, it’s sent to the trash instead of being deleted immediately. Trashed records will remain there for 28 days before being permanently deleted, and you’re able to restore trashed records as long as they’ve not been deleted from the trash.

It’s important to understand that this isn’t designed as a method of archiving or temporarily hiding records, because they’ll be irretrievably deleted after 28 days.

Major records, not minor records

The trash feature applies to records in Light Blue’s main sections, which are Shoots, Contacts, Quotes, Sales, Purchases and Payments. We don’t trash things like tasks, emails, forms, contracts, notes or documents, but we do ask if you’re certain that you want to delete them before they go.

Trashing a record

To trash a record, click on the trash record button. The record disappears from Light Blue, but you’ll find it in the Trash. 

Trashing a shoot does not also trash the records that are linked to it, for example linked contacts or sales, so you’d need to trash them separately if you wanted to.

Restoring a record

To restore a record that you’ve trashed, click on the Records menu, and then View Trash. Select the trashed record that you’re interested in and click restore. The record then re-appears in Light Blue.

Change the status of shoots if they’re completed or cancelled

While we’re on the subject of removing records from Light Blue, I should mention that when a shoot doesn’t go ahead we would usually recommend changing its status to ‘Cancelled’ instead of deleting the shoot. This allows you to report on that shoot at a later date. There’s another tutorial explaining how shoot statuses work, should you want to learn more.

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