🎥 Introducing workflows

Using a workflow is a really quick way of scheduling tasks, emails, text messages, and appointments for a shoot. They’re easy to set up, and help you to deliver excellent service to your clients by making sure that you’re reminded about all of the key steps that you want a job to go through.

You can use workflows to help you chase enquiries up and convert them into bookings, confirm a new booking with a client, or help you to keep on top of all of the steps that you need to go through to organise a shoot and deliver a great set of pictures to your client.

This article shows you how to use simple workflows to add tasks to a shoot but, in another article, we’ll show you how you can also use them to schedule automated emails and text messages.

Setting up simple workflows

You can set up workflows on the Preferences window, under Workflows. If you want to create a new workflow, click the ‘Add Record’ button in the toolbar. You can add new steps to a workflow by clicking the plus button, and edit an existing step by double-clicking it.

In this example, there’s a workflow called Enquiry, and within that, two items: the first is ‘respond to enquiry’, and the second is ‘follow up enquiry’, a week later. When you add a workflow, you add it based around a particular date, and the offset is the number of days after that key date that you want to do the task.

The ‘Confirm Shoot’ workflow has just got one task in it, which is to send the client their contract to sign, with no offset. This means that it will be due on the date that you add the workflow to. 

The final example workflow to look at is the Weddings workflow. That’s got a lot more tasks in it – those are the ones which you want to do around the date of the shoot itself. 

You could set up different workflows for the different types of photography that you do, or create a general workflow that you could base around the date of a shoot, no matter what type of work it us.

Choosing default workflows

Light Blue is using these workflows as your defaults. If you want, you can change those defaults on the General panel of the Preferences pane. The Enquiry workflow is the default enquiry workflow, and the confirmed workflow that reminds you to send out a contract is the default confirmed one. You can override these for each of your shoot types, if you want. 

You’ll probably find that you follow similar steps for different types of portrait photography, for example, so would use the same shoot workflow for each of them. You are likely to follow a different set of steps around a commercial shoot.

Adding workflows to shoots

You can add the enquiry workflow to it by clicking the workflow icon next to the enquiry date. You’ll see that the two tasks have been added to the Activity panel.

If you change the status of a shoot from Enquiry to Confirmed, Light Blue asks you if you want to keep or remove any uncompleted tasks from your enquiry workflow. After all, you may not want a reminder to follow up an enquiry that has already been booked!

Light Blue then asks if you want to add the tasks from both the Confirmed workflow, which will be based around today, and the weddings workflow, based around the shoot date. 

Looking on the Activity panel, you’ll see all of those tasks in there. They’re also showing up on the Home screen in the task manager, which is where you can see all of the tasks that are due from all of your shoots.

Sending messages as part of workflows

This article covers how to set up workflows to include messages that will be sent automatically.

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