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I'm a children's and family photographer based in London, and Kate is my full-time business manager. Light Blue is like having a third member of staff in the business, who can answer every question before we ask it! We have a lot of very loyal clients, who book us time and time again, and Light Blue lets us keep a record of everything we've done for them - from the shoots themselves through to the images they ordered, changes in our pricing structure over the years, and so on, so we can really easily see a full picture of their relationship with us. That allows us to offer a consistent service with great attention to detail - even tailoring each shoot to suit the sort of products which we know the client likes.

It's great that it's so easy to share information between us. Before a shoot, I can check the details on the iPhone app in a café, to refresh my memory about everyone who's going to be involved in the shoot, along with the children's names and ages - and even check the route to their house! And if the client's called Kate that morning with some extra info, it's all already in the Light Blue app - I don't need to call her to find out what they've talked about.

It's made processing sales much easier, too. When Kate's been out to a viewing session with a client, she just puts in the details of their order into Light Blue - and that syncs back to my copy straight away, so I can get to work prepping the necessary images for the lab.

Helen Bartlett
Children's and family photographer

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Light Blue is with you all of the way, from your client's initial enquiry through to managing their shoot's details and invoicing. In no time at all, Light Blue is delivering insight and helping your to grow your business.

Light Blue is available for macOS, Windows, iPhone, and iPad, with a great set of optional online services that allows it to combine the best aspects of desktop and cloud software.

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