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Boggio Studios is one of the most widely recognised luxury portrait photography brands in London, and we see many hundreds of clients every year from London and across the world. I established the studio in 2005, and my aim then as it still is today - was to create a unique photography studio that would enable everyone to enjoy the sort of high-end fashion shoot experience normally associated with style magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair.

I used to use spreadsheets and iCal for my contacts and day-to-day activities, but once I started employing more people, it was clear that I needed a proper system. I felt that many packages out there catered just for wedding photographers, and we needed something which would cover not only the wedding side of things but portraits and commercial work, too. Light Blue is just right: it has been designed from the ground up to support all types of photography business, which is really important. It really feels like Light Blue was designed specifically for us!

James, my business manager, uses Light Blue on a day-to-day basis to oversee the bookings and how successful they are - this month, and heading into future months. It handles all our scheduling and contacts, so we always know what we're doing. And it's really easy to use - everyone picks it up quickly, including new people when they come in. The way in which it allows online and offline access to data is just magic!

We're now beginning to use Light Blue to develop our returning business. The data we have on people is great - where they live, who they've come to us from, and how much they've spent. Using that data we can predict which people might be interested in another shoot, and get in touch with them to see if they might want to come back again. And, more often than not, they do!

Julia Boggio
Founder of Boggio Studies

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Light Blue is available for macOS, Windows, iPhone, and iPad, with a great set of optional online services that allows it to combine the best aspects of desktop and cloud software.

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