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I'm an international film wedding photographer, and run my business from my office at home. As soon as I saw Light Blue and met the team, it just all made sense! I'm no longer scared of finances, and no longer have a hatred of admin - I never thought that day would come. Also, once I've actually input my invoices ready for tax returns (oh man tax returns - NOW. SO. EASY.), I no longer have bits of paper stacked up in the corner. To-Do lists are right there on the home page, and they keep yelling at me until I actually DO them (because it's so easy to ignore them if they're under a stack of invoices).

The iPhone and iPad apps, are great, too. The option to carry a condensed version of my business, in my bag/pocket? Yep, I'll take it please and thank you. Being able to use it on my iPhone and iPad is IMMENSE. Copy and paste notes and schedules for weddings days, and I'm not dealing with unprofessional bits of paper falling out my pocket.

And I love how ridonkulously fast the Light Blue Software team come back to you when you have a query. All issues (and there haven't been many!) are resolved very quickly, with lots of help and advice along the way.

Jaye Emme
Wedding photographer

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Light Blue is with you all of the way, from your client's initial enquiry through to managing their shoot's details and invoicing. In no time at all, Light Blue is delivering insight and helping your to grow your business.

Light Blue is available for macOS, Windows, iPhone, and iPad, with a great set of optional online services that allows it to combine the best aspects of desktop and cloud software.

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