Light Blue wins ‘best business app’ award at software developer conference

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Light Blue is built using a variety of software development tools, and one of the most important is Xojo. Xojo allows us to produce native apps that run on macOS, Windows, and iOS, but also to share a lot of those apps’ important logic between all of those platforms. That reduces the time it takes us to develop new features, and ensures that everything works consistently no matter which platform you’re using Light Blue on.

We’re very pleased to have been awarded the ‘best business app’ prize at this year’s Xojo Developer Conference. Tom was able to accept the award in person, and we’re delighted to have won an award in such a competitive field.

Using ShootProof with Light Blue at Boggio Studios

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Earlier this year, we launched Light Blue 6.1 and were delighted to be able to introduce integration with ShootProof. ShootProof provides stylish online galleries that beautifully showcase your work, and intuitive sales tools that help you to sell your images to clients. They’re also leading the way with allowing developers like us to automatically gather information about customer orders. With this new integration, anyone who subscribes to our online services can have notifications of new ShootProof orders automatically sent through to the Inbox in Light Blue, from where you can seamlessly import them, without having to re-enter anything.

Our friends at ShootProof got together with London photographer Julia Boggio recently to talk about how both Light Blue and ShootProof are key parts of her business, and how Light Blue streamlines all of the invoicing, bookkeeping, and management processes involved in dealing with ShootProof orders.

If you’d like to find out more about Light Blue’s integration with ShootProof, Ian’s recorded a short tutorial that walks you through how to set it up and start receiving ShootProof orders in Light Blue’s Inbox.

A Christmas tech support carol

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In other words…

There’ll be no formal Light Blue tech support between 12 noon on Wednesday 24 December and 9am on Monday 5 January. We’ll check our inbox on 29, 30 and 31 December and 2 January, though, in case there’s anything urgent.

Please vote for us!

We’re in the running for ‘Best Software’ and ‘Best Customer Service’ in the SWPP Trade Awards this year – up against some of the industry giants. It’d make our day if you’d vote for us in those categories. It won’t take a moment, and your votes mean a huge amout to us, as a little independent software company.

Is that really Hamish?

Yes, Hamish sang all the parts in that carol. When he’s not in the Light Blue bunker, he sings with Cambridge Chorale, one of the top amateur choirs in the country. If you’re quick (and in the UK) there’s still time to order their Christmas CD or their latest release, ‘Songs and Sonnets‘, out in December 2014 and featuring music with texts by Shakespeare.