Light Blue 7.0.3

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Light Blue 7.0.3 is out now, and is another free minor update for everyone who’s using Light Blue 7. It includes the following changes:

  • Added a ‘required’ option to form checkboxes.
  • When checkboxes are included in forms, the email that you receive now says “yes” or “no” (or the localised version of that) instead of “1” or “0”.
  • Added an option to form fields that allows you to choose whether to display the description above or below the input.
  • When accepting an online booking fee, online invoice payment, or ShootProof order, we’re now recording the details of the linked invoice in the Notes field, instead of in the Activity panel.
  • We’ve added an additional warning when you try to accept a contract that has been signed, but hasn’t had its booking fee paid yet.
  • Fixed a problem where long lines in unbranded emails sent from Light Blue could wrap beyond the apparent edge of the email.
  • Fixed a problem where text copied from an HTML editor can’t be pasted into apps that are expecting plain text.
  • Fixed a problem where the “Age” and “Age next birthday” fields weren’t working properly in the query dialog.
  • Fixed a problem where scrolling the HTML editor using the arrow keys could cause the formatting toolbar to disappear if the editor contains a very tall image.
  • Fixed a problem that could prevent our HTML viewers from loading certain types of content.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Light Blue’s colour picker on Windows.
  • Fixed a problem with the series labels when viewing the ‘Income, Expenditure & Profit’ option with the ‘Last 12 months’ option in the Charts section.
  • Updated the URL for our old Light Blue 1-3 data exporter utility.

Light Blue Success Stories – GWS Photography

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GWS Photography keeps clients up to date with the help of Light Blue 7Grahame Smith LMPA is an award winning weddings, portrait, and dog photographer, based in Dunbar, Scotland.

After a lifelong interest in photography, and a short lived career as a trainee aircraft technician in the RAF, Grahame (assisted by his wife Allison) embarked upon the journey into professional photography in the early 1990s. And now (with the ongoing support of Allison and daughter Annie), runs the busy, and incredibly well organised GWS Photography… with a little help from Light Blue!

Having used Light Blue for several years now, it’s become an important part of our ‘always on’ workflow… and the new additions to version 7 have been brilliant for us.

We run quite a tight process for following up enquiries… and the implementation of integrated emails & texts has cut out no shows almost completely.

Using templates for emails & texts, we can keep in touch with clients right up to the last minute, without having to leave Light Blue, and having a ‘paper-trail’ of all parts of a conversation in once place, helps with keeping track of enquiries and bookings too.

So by the time we make our courtesy phone call to a client on the day before the shoot, we know they’ve been sent all the necessary information, and are fully versed in how we operate, and what will happen on the day.

Knowing that a lot of email ends up in people’s spam folders, being able to send a follow up text as part of the workflow to say that we’ve sent the requested information has become an invaluable part of the process with Light Blue 7.

Combined with the existing  features – such as integration with Shootproof – Light Blue provides a really effective business marketing, sales and planning platform.”

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Light Blue 7.0.2

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We’ve been continuing to improve Light Blue 7, and we’ve just released another minor update. Light Blue 7.0.2 includes the following changes, based on the feedback that you’ve been sending us:

  • Fixed a problem on Windows where editing the content of an HTML editor, and then immediately clicking on another record, could update the wrong record.
  • Fixed a problem where viewing the Outbox with a particular combination of filters set could cause a crash.
  • When you copy and paste text in one of our HTML editors (e.g. when editing an email or email template), the formatting of the copied text is now preserved.
  • When you export a form template, it now includes the public form submitted email, submit button text, and HTML versions of the form emails.
  • Fixed a problem on Windows where printing from a computer that includes accented characters in the username could cause an error.
  • The margins for unbranded emails sent from Light Blue are now more standard.
  • If a client uses the ‘I will pay offline’ button on a contract that includes a booking form, the confirmation page that appears now includes your alternative payment information.
  • The business hours preferences menus now include 30 minute intervals.
  • Fixed a problem where, if you’re using using a localisation that includes translations of the “weddings”, “bride”, and “groom” keywords, the English versions of those words wouldn’t trigger various special features (e.g. setting the shoot title to the bride & groom’s name, selecting the bride & groom as signatories for a contract, and mail-merge tags that would include both the bride and groom’s details).
  • Linking an incoming email or text message to a record, or creating a new enquiry from it, now marks the message as read.
  • When printing or mail-merging custom field checkboxes, show their values as “yes” or “no” (or the localised value) instead of “1” or “0”.
  • Added a ‘Reply All’ button to the email dialog.
  • When trying to send or schedule an email, you’re now warned if it doesn’t have a subject line.
  • Fixed a problem where editing custom dates in the report dialog was producing database errors.
  • Fixed a problem where billing names and net amounts on a tax report could be displayed incorrectly if the report is run on a cash basis and includes sales that include items with more than one tax rate.
  • On printed templates, we’ve made your client’s VAT number & contact details part of the same chunk of text as the contact name and address. This means that they will use the same margin settings as the main address, but you might need to adjust your ‘first page top margin’ setting to accommodate the extra height.
  • Removed a rogue # on the printed version of a purchase record.
  • When creating an email from a sale or quote record, its linked shoot is now automatically included in the list of linked records. This means that the email will appear in the shoot’s Activity panel as well as that of the sale or quote.
  • When importing into a custom checkbox field, we’re now treating “1”, “true”, “yes”, and the localised value of “yes” as “1”
  • When parsing a full name into parts (e.g. when importing a contact’s full name from an API submission), we now assume that a single word name is the first name.
  • If you’re sending emails via your own outgoing mail server, we’ve now raised the maximum number of attachments to 50, and the maximum total size of the attachments to 25MB.
  • Incoming Data records (from forms and API submissions) are now handled properly when you merge or delete the record that you’ve linked it to.
  • If your ‘Prices Include Tax’ preference is set to true, display gross income, expenditure, and profit in charts. Otherwise, display net income, expenditure, and profit.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading the Outbox.
  • Corrected the French spelling of our “form unavailable” message.
  • Fixed a problem where Cmd-Tabbing out of Light Blue when you’re clicked into an HTML editor, and then going back to Light Blue, treated it as if the Cmd key was still held down.
  • Fixed a problem on Windows where hitting the Return key while editing a form or contract email would be treated as if you clicked the Publish button.
  • Fixed a problem where the alignment of text in an email could be ignored when you send it.
  • Added support for yyyy/mm/dd formatted dates to our API.
  • Fixed a problem where the email sent out when a client fills in a form didn’t use any custom text colour that you’d set.
  • When sending an email via your own outgoing mail server, the reply-to address is set to that email account’s email address instead of the default email address for your Light Blue client portal.
  • We’ve adjusted the padding around checkbox controls in our forms.
  • Fixed a problem where multiple paragraphs in a static text block on forms could fail to be displayed properly.
  • If you’re charging your client a booking fee as part of an online contract, and your client clicks the “I will pay offline” button, we now display your alternative payment text on the confirmation page.
  • Fixed a problem where clicking ‘Add Payment’ on a sale that’s been included in a tax report could erroneously warn you that the sale hasn’t been invoiced.
  • When you credit a sale that’s been published for online payment, you’re now asked if you’d like to remove the sale from your client portal.
  • Fixed a problem with trying to import from CSV files that contain quoted line breaks.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the ‘Split Day View Into One Column Per Resource’ option in the calendar.
  • Fixed any unexpected quits that have been reported to us.