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Light Blue 5, standalone


  • Ideal for businesses which only have one computer and don't need iPhone or iPad access.
  • No syncing – your data's on one computer only.
  • Comes with our fantastic free email support forever.
  • £295.00 one-off

Light Blue 5, with our online services

With our online services

  • Ideal for anyone who wants to use Light Blue on more than one computer, iPhone or iPad..
  • Work offline, then sync data between devices when you're online.
  • Comes with free updates forever (while you subscribe) and our fantastic free email support forever.
  • From £7.50 monthly + £295.00 one-off

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Things to note

  • Minimum system requirements: Windows Vista or higher; Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher.
  • When you go for our online services, you can upgrade or downgrade your option whenever you want, and we'll charge or refund the cost pro rata so you only pay for the plan you're on.
  • There's a minimum term of six months on our online services.
  • The prices above are exclusive of VAT. VAT rules are needlessly complicated (blame the taxman), but here goes:
    • If you're outside the EU, we won't charge you VAT.
    • If you're in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, we have to charge you VAT, even if you have a VAT number.
    • If you're in the EU (outside GB), as long as you're a business, we don't have to charge you VAT. Given our software is specifically to run a photography business, we assume that everyone buying from us is running a business, so don't charge VAT. If, for some reason, you are buying Light Blue for personal use (ie not connected with running a business) then please let us know so we can charge you VAT.